About the Town & Country Trader – An Advertising Magazine Serving Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and Surrounding Communities

What is The Town and Country Trader?

The Trader is an advertising magazine featuring ads from local businesses. Mailed directly to households and dropped off at high traffic locations in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Pittsboro, and affluent neighborhoods Southern Village, Meadowmont, Fearrington Village, Governors Club, Governors Estates, The Preserve, Chatham Forest, Carolina Meadows, Galloway Ridge, Powell Place, and Potterstone Village. We encourage the use of money-saving offers and incentives to invite customers to your business in Chatham, Orange, Durham, or Wake County. We take pride in our ability to offer practical, creative suggestions, tips and ideas to help you reach your goals.

What makes the Trader different from other advertising magazines?

Statistics show that most of your business will come from customers who reside within a few miles of your location. The Trader is reaching people who are truly potential customers. Other publications may have a wider circulation, however, your advertising dollars are probably being wasted on targeting people who will never travel to your business.

And because our staff has a wealth of experience in direct marketing that is unmatched in similar Chapel Hill area magazines, we can offer innovative yet sensible ideas on how to set yourself apart from the competition and suggest ways you can offer value to the customer – two proven methods to bring in more business for you – and there’s no extra charge for this service. We’ll help with basic ad design or use your artwork or graphic designer.

Why should I advertise in the Trader?

Because it’s an advertising publication – we do not offer crossword puzzles or articles referred to as “newspaper fill.” People who read the Trader are essentially shopping as they read. They may need a gift for a special occasion, a contractor for a home project, a local professional…or maybe they are new to the area and are familiarizing themselves with local merchants whose ads are in the Trader. What better way to get the attention of these shoppers than with an attractive ad and incentive to visit your business?

Why shouldn’t I spend my advertising money on a major newspaper or yellow pages ad?

A major newspaper ad is often expensive and there’s no guarantee your ad will be seen. Most people read a newspaper for the content, not the ads. Research shows that a newspaper ad gets no more than a 3-second exposure in the reader’s eye. You could waste a lot of money with this option. There are so many directories published these days that most people don’t know where to look-and advertising in all of them is expensive. In general, phone directories and major newspapers are aimed at a huge audience most of which is outside of your targeted area. Our Chapel Hill / Pittsboro area advertising magazine is affordable and well-read.

I tried an ad in a local publication and didn’t see much results-why?

Marketing research proves that it takes a minimum of 3 to 6 ads before an advertiser sees results. Think of how many times you hear and see names like Coke, Home Depot, Toyota – it’s not that their products are so much better, rather their advertising is so repetitive that their names are practically household words. Repetitive advertising does work, there’s no doubt about it.